GRiZ is the Hottest Electronic Music Producer from Detroit

Griz Music Producer


The popularity of electronic music has been on a steady rise in the United States of America for the past decade and can be accredited to the massive influence Dubstep, and other bass-driven forms of music have had on the music scene at large of late. The Detroit area has always been recognized as a place that breeds new generations of artists, producers, DJs and is a hotbed for music based on the electronic genre.

Here’s why GRiZ is the hottest new electronic music producer around.

One of the newest kids on the block is the musician and producer called Grant Kwiecinski, also known as GRiZ. At only twenty-three years of age, this new Detroit music producer is proving to be the next big thing in the electronic music scene.


This young Detroit music producer shakes up is dubstep/bass rhythms by blending them with large doses of jazz, soul and classic funk giving his creations a futuristic electronic feel to them. He often describes his sound as electro-soul, which attempts to balance several different urban music genres while being careful not to depend heavily on one particular style. GRiZ, last spring, showed this to the world at the Movement Electronic Music Festival held at the Hart Plaza. His creations were well received by the crowd and proved that this fresh new sound he brings to the electronic music scene would catch on fast.


Grant Kwiecinski was inspired by electronic artists such as Aphex Twin and Squarepusher from a very young age. More specifically, he found this electronic music bug during his tender teenage years. GRiZ realized he had a passion for making and creating music the moment he got his first copy of the Fruity Loops Music Studio production programs and from that day on the party has not yet stopped nor does it look to be calming down anytime soon. He claims that his greatest outlet comes in the form of creating good music.


The music this young Detroit music producer creates and provides for the electronic music scene allows for growth in the sense that he tries not to box himself into one particular music genre. His shows on the electronic party scene have been jam-packed affairs, and festivals such as Lollapalooza, Electric Forest, and Coachella have had the privilege of hosting this promising new upcoming Detroit artiste on their grand stages respectively. His live sets often feature him with a saxophone, a computer, and several other music controllers.

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